Membership Types and Categories

This type of membership is paid for by and belongs to the company or agency. A representative must be appointed as the SGMP members. The membership is transferable within the company or agency.

This type of membership is paid for and belongs to the individual, even though he/she may be representing a company or agency. This membership is movable with the individual member, but is not transferable to another member.

Note: If a company or agency supports the member by paying the membership fee (directly or through reimbursement), the membership belongs to the organization.

There are four categories of membership in SGMP. Upon submission, your application is presented to the SGMP Board of Directors for approval. In order to maintain the membership balance, a supplier applicant must join with a planner applicant.

Please feel free to contact the Florida Capital Chapter Membership Committee Chairperson or a Board Member with questions or assistance. (Link to Chapter officers and Committees page).

Federal, state, or local government employees who have the responsibility for planning or implementing any type of meeting, conference, or convention as part of their official duties. Employees of private organizations, a majority of whose membership is comprised of government employees, may also qualify as government planners if they plan and implement meetings as part of their official duties.

$55 Annual Fee

Individuals, organizations, or companies operating under contract to government planners to assist in the planning or implementation of meetings, conferences, or conventions. Contracting organizations may include fraternal and recreational groups, labor unions, and professional associations. Companies that operate under contract or commission to planners and suppliers will be considered suppliers.

$140 Annual Fee

Individuals, organizations or companies that are compensated through retainer or commission from suppliers (i.e., hotels, conference centers, cities, etc.) will be considered associate suppliers. This means that individuals, organizations or companies whose income in the planning or placement of government meetings, conferences or conventions is derived from suppliers are also considered suppliers.

$275 Annual Fee

Companies or individuals who solicit business from and/or who provide facilities and services to government planners outside of direct assistance in the planning and implementation of meetings. Suppliers include hotel representation firms, travel agencies convention & visitors bureaus, consulting firms, registration services, airlines, printers, exhibit managers, security services, etc

$400 Annual Fee

Individuals who are educators or students who would not otherwise qualify for any other membership category. This is a non-voting category and does not count toward planner/supplier "matching" requirements. This category is not open to anyone who would be eligible for any one of the three other membership categories.

$25 Annual Fee

Note: If a person qualifies for membership in more than one category, he/she must join at the highest membership category for which they are eligible. For more information, click the following links on how to join as a planner, supplier, or other.

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